【L&H设计分享】颠覆传统的海岸住宅,澳大利亚TIDAL ARC住宅

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莫宁顿半岛弗林德斯的Tidal Arc住宅,颠覆了澳大利亚海岸住宅的典型类型。住宅没有走许多海滨住宅所设计的明亮路线,而是参考了周围海滨环境的元素。这个重要的住宅项目由三家公司完成——Woods Bagot建筑事务所、Hecker Guthrie室内设计事务所与Simone Haag家具和造型事务所。

Tidal Arc House in Flinders, Mornington Peninsula flips the stereotypical typology of an Australian coastal home on its head. Rather than go the light and bright route observed by so many beachside homes, the residence references the surrounding dark, ominous cliffs and stoic elements that comprise the coast. The significant residential project was completed between three firms – architecture by Woods Bagot, interiors by Hecker Guthrie, and furniture and styling by Simone Haag.


The 884sqm site comprises two curved volumes stacked atop one another, encompassing a palette of dark and textural timbers, stones, textiles, and refined metals. The predominance of darker materiality lends a sense of refuge and privacy.


The ground floor is built to host a crowd, with three adjacent guest bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms, and a built-in bar off the lounge room. Upstairs, the kitchen is comprised of a concealed back-kitchen and a sculptural front island around which engagement and conversation is encouraged. A subterranean basement level contains a wine room and plant room.

深珊瑚羊毛地毯等纺织品、大理石盆地、木材石材配件和家具增加了家的温暖和坚实感。浴室里的天然黄铜和扇形瓷砖折射外部自然光,使空间更加明亮。Tidal Arc住宅采用的单一的石灰岩化石材料,其独特的浮雕图案与珊瑚地质有关。

Textiles and furniture such as deep coral wool rugs, marble basins, and timber and stone accessories add warmth and solidity to the home. Natural brass accents and scalloped ceramic tiles in the bathrooms refract external natural light. Tidal Arc House is clad in a single intense fossilized limestone, its unique, embossed clamshell pattern pertaining to the coral geology.


The applied height controls of the house follow the contours of the cliff, an organic form bending from north to south to create a protective concave space for the rear courtyard garden. The zinc-clad rood tilts from east to west, providing shade in the afternoon and welcoming sunlight in the morning.