Tidal Arc House - 以同心弧形石灰岩住宅打破沿海建筑传统设计思维

2019年03月17日 酒窖常识 379 views

墨尔本东南部莫宁顿半岛(Mornington Peninsula)悬崖边上的一个小镇里住有 900 多位居民,在镇上一个以传统的英式小屋和木屋为主的社区里。伍兹贝格设计的一幢外形蜿蜒的三层住宅在此依山而建,引人注目。

With an arresting house set confidently on the edge of a peninsula coastal town, Woods Bagot is redefining how architects respond to the Australian landscape.  Steadily settling into the contours of a cliffside in Mornington Peninsula—a small town south-east of Melbourne with just over 900 residents—the sinuous three-story dwelling hangs onto the curved landscape in a neighborhood with predominantly traditional English cottages and timber box houses.


Two concentric volumes encased in limestone treated with a natural clamshell pattern are asymmetrically stacked on top of each other. Both the exterior and twisted geometry are allusions to the natural environment. The encrusted surface is a reference to the local coral reefs dating back to the Jurassic periods while the torqued geometry looks like two basalt rocks sliding against each other from a volcanic eruption—which formed the bluffs of this peninsula. The cliffsides' geology contains both limestone and basalt.


Oriented from the North to the South, the design responds to the landscape due to applied mapping, monitoring and observation to construct a project determined entirely by its site. The eventual form provides shade from the descending western sun while opening up to the ocean to let in the sunrise.


精心挑选的材料和饰面营造出幽暗静谧的室内氛围,与室外澳洲明媚的阳光形成鲜明的对比。通过与长期室内设计合作伙伴Hecker Guthrie工作室和设计师Simone Haag的合作,建筑内部的石柱和地板延续了石灰石的质地,与炭黑色的隔板和墙面、烟灰色的大理石台面和墙壁、还有黄铜小物件的点缀相映成趣,这样的色彩搭配给人带来丰富的感官体验。

The interiors are sympathetic to the house’s siting, allowing its inhabitants to feel enveloped in their elements and experience the impact of the location. The uppermost level contains the master bedroom wing and living room area which is separated by a timber and stone clad staircase. The entire level enjoys views to the coast as well as a south-facing deck accessible from the living room. The ground level story has two entry points: the double-height entrance to the west and a private eastern entry that meets the circular, sunken courtyard leading to another living space and three self-contained guestrooms wrapped by curved, timber-lined hulls. Below this is a subterranean basement with a wine cellar and plant room.